The scope of our expertise
Testing Solutions

The Test and Development teams of TestingDone have a wealth of experience in the world of telecommunications.
We have strengths in Solaris Unix, Linux, aix, windows, HPUX. We have development, analysis and testing experience with HTTP, MM1, SMTP, MM3/4, MM7, SMPP, SMS, SNMP

If you want Developers or Testers with experience with Berkeley, MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, Radius or Oracle then you sould be happy with our knowledge with these kind of systems.
We follow Agile-type Development cycle but we are very familiar with Waterfall and RUP processes and can fit into this kind of Software delivery process.

We are familiar with many kinds of source code control managers such as: CVS, SVN, clearcase.
And similarly, we can use bug tracking tools and test management tools like Bugzilla and Testopia and RT and Fogbugz and TRAC and Test Manager and Rational Rose.

Our Staff are competent, honest and thuragh hardworkers with experience in Software Development and QA ranging from 3 years for our Junior Staff up to 16, 17 or 18 years for our Senior Staff.

We believe in wiki as a way of sharing knowledge. We provide a wiki for you to maintain the knowledge learned during the Project planning and execution. This way the lessons learned from our interactions with your company can be passed on to your company's groups and the work and time is not lost. It also allows us to come back to you and continue seamlessly with the next Projects.

Test Automation

Front End Automation

We can automate any kind of GUI, with either our inhouse Test Tools (written using Python libraries) or with open source or cheap alternatives, such as Selenium IDE and QFTest"

Back End Automation

We have a Framework capable of Command Line Interface Automation (using expect libraries).

Our Framwork is also capable of generating high throughput traffic for any standard that you would like: SMS, WAP, SMPP, SMTP, HTTP."

Finally, our Framework can monitor any machine's CPU, Memory, Bandwidth utilisation and general health throughout a test cycle."

GUI Automation

we can automate any provisioning side to the Test Framework for most java and html based GUIs by using: inhouse tools and other testing tools like: Selenium IDE, QF-Test (for JAVA/Swing GUIs), dogtail, winrunner, IBM Functional Tester, silktest

CLI Automation

your command line interface can be automated by using: expect, pexpect and autoexpect

Soak Testing
We can Test the architecture of a Product using Soak Tests. These will tell us at what point does a particular aspect of the product's architecture breaks?
Load/Stress Testing
We can put your product under load/stress and then carry out Functional Testing duing this Load Test
High Availability Testing
How do you ensure that the resiliency of your product is true to your word, without these labour and hardware intensive tests? We can offer these Tests duing out of hours. Whichh means that we don't tie up machines unessarily.
Long Duration Testing
Self explanatory, we have much experience in this area. The pitfalls and in 'most' cases the best solutions for these pitfalls. Also with our global offices, we can start and monitor Tests thoughout the day and night.
Regression Testing
Self explanatory, we can re run the same Test Suite on successive interations of a build and give indications as to the direction of quality/performance of your products.